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Bijoux Caroline Néron



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Caroline Néron began her career as an actress and singer. During the fall of 2004, while on a trip to Las Vegas, the idea to create a jewelry line emerged, as fashion and accessories have always been some of her passions.


Through her company, Caroline Néron has found the ideal combination to make the most of her artistic spirit, as well as her knack for business. Established 10 years ago, the corporation now has 20 stores across Canada, one hundred multi-brands worldwide, an e-commerce site, 200 employees and more than 3000 creations to her credit. The Caroline Néron brand is a jewelry collection for women, a line of handbags made of genuine leather, sunglasses, luxury goods and accessories for men.



• Entrepreneur of the Year by the Quebec Business Woman’s Network

• 1st in Quebec and 11th in Canada for the fastest growing companies according to the Profit 500 guide;

• Ranked 6th out of the top 100 woman entrepreneurs in Canada by PROFIT and Chatelaine magazines;

• Prize winner of the Buisness by Excellence, dedicated by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Quebec Chapters



Social involvement

Over the years, the company has supported many philanthropic causes, including:


• Foundations dealing with breast cancer research. More than one million dollars raised in collaboration with other companies.

Breakfast Club Canada. The first edition of the Visionnaire event has already raised more than $120 000;

One Drop. By donating the profits from the sale of certain items;

CO2 Quebec. So far 1600 trees were planted.


The future and the Web

What‘s next for this entrepreneur? The world. With her affinity for breaking boundaries, it’s no wonder Caroline plans to expand further beyond the borders of her beloved province and country, as she continues  to embed her unique product in markets across North America, Europe and Asia.

 The website was created in 2009 to allow the company a global visibility, was restructured in 2014 to facilitate comprehensive sightseeing and shopping!

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